How Invisalign Treatment Works

How Invisalign Treatment Works

Interested in getting your teeth straightened out without traditional orthodontic treatment? Consider Invisalign. A thorough evaluation with your dentist here at Bridgeman Dental in Plano, TX, will determine your candidacy for Invisalign, but until then, here are some vital facts to know about this novel orthodontic procedure.

Basics of The Invisalign Straightening System

The Invisalign teeth straightening procedure is a practically invisible orthodontic treatment that utilizes an advanced approach to straighten misaligned teeth effectively. It takes advantage of the proprietary SmartForce Technology and applies it to a series of customized detachable aligners fabricated particularly for the patient.

The removable aligners are crafted from a virtually invisible and comfortable thermoplastic material that you wear for a specific amount of time daily to shift your teeth gradually into position.

How Invisalign Treatment Works

After confirming your eligibility for Invisalign, your dentist in Plano, TX, will take X-rays, pictures, and a scan or impression of your teeth. From these, your personalized treatment plan will be developed. The 3D Invisalign treatment plan will likewise show you precisely where your teeth need to be at the completion of your treatment.

You’ll then need to wait for a couple of weeks for your aligners to be made. Once they’re ready, your dentist will give about three to four trays at a time. In most cases, the aligners should be switched out every two weeks until your teeth have reached their final positions.

The Benefits of Invisalign

All orthodontic treatments offer different benefits. With Invisalign, you get:

  • Practically invisible straightening. Because of the clear thermoplastic used in Invisalign treatment, you get to go about your day, eat effortlessly, go to social gatherings, etc., and just generally live your life as usual, while you’re under orthodontic treatment.
  • Comfortable treatment. Invisalign trays are very comfortable because you won’t have to contend with irritating materials inside your mouth.
  • Fewer dental appointments. In most cases, patients only need to visit their dentist to get their new trays every six weeks or so.
  • Maintain your oral care habits effortlessly. Because the aligners are removable, you won’t need to worry about changing up your oral routine. The only thing you’re going to add to your routine is cleaning the aligners, which is very easy to do.
  • Visualize your teeth’s progressive movement. Your 3D Invisalign treatment plan will enable you to visualize all stages of your treatment, from start to finish.

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