When an Emergency Dentist Is Needed

When an Emergency Dentist Is Needed

Your general dentist in Plano, Texas can help when you have a dental emergency.

When you are having a dental emergency, it may be tempting to wait things out, but that may only cause you more dental pain. A better choice is to call your emergency dentist and get some advice on whether you need to be seen.

Dr. Brett Bridgeman of Bridgeman Dental in Plano, Texas is a general and family dentist who offers emergency dental services, so you can have access to dental care right when you need it.

So, how do you know if you need an emergency dentist? You should seek out an emergency dentist if you experience:

  • Tooth pain that doesn’t go away or gets worse; could be a symptom of mild to severe tooth decay. If you don’t seek out treatment, you may need a root canal, or even an extraction.
  • Tooth pain that gets worse when you eat or drink hot or cold foods or beverages; this symptom often indicates you may need a root canal.
  • A loose tooth, or a tooth that has been knocked completely out; it’s possible your dentist may be able to reposition the tooth and save it, but you must keep the tooth moist and visit your dentist as soon as you can.
  • A crown or filling that has become loose or fallen out; typically indicates tooth decay, which means you may need a new filling or crown.
  • A dental implant or dental bridge that is loose; your dentist may be able to save the dental implant or recement a dental bridge.
  • You also may need to see an emergency dentist if you have been involved in an accident or injury which has damaged your face, jaws, or teeth.

To read more detailed information about emergency dental services, please visit the Emergency Dentistry section on the website at https://www.bridgemandental.com/emergency-dentistry

To learn more about when you might need the services of an emergency dentist, call Dr. Brett Bridgeman of Bridgeman Dental in Plano, Texas at (972) 424-7581. Call today!

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